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Reproductive Services

Our experienced team at Smithers Animal Hospital can help animal breeders with reproductive services in the areas of infertility, breeding, insemination, obstetrics, and delivery.

We are able to test for infertility in males and females for breeding purposes. Our staff is also able to collect semen, conduct vaginal cytology to determine the best day to breed, provide artificial insemination, and assist with natural breeding.

Smithers Animal Hospital is there for you from conception to birth. We have ultrasound technology to detect pregnancy and to use in later stages of pregnancy to determine the number of puppies you can expect. Our staff will help you during the pregnancy to keep the mother healthy and growing at a safe rate with her babies. When it is time for your pet to deliver, we can help by providing delivery services, or advising you on how to safely monitor a delivery in your own home. Certain types of pets require cesarean sections for delivery, and that will be done within our hospital by a qualified physician and trained staff.

Once your pet has delivered, Smithers Animal Hospital will follow her recovery and monitor the health of her litter through deworming and first shots.

Call to set up an appointment if you are interested in breeding your pet or know that your pet is expecting. Our hospital puts the same level of care and attention to detail in our canine reproductive services as you do with your kennel. We serve the canine reproductive and breeding needs of West Fork, Fayetteville, Elkins, Farmington, and beyond.