On January 14th, right before closing, Winston, a mature adult, golden retriever mix, came into SAH for extreme lethargy that developed over the weekend. His physical exam showed extremely pale gums, lethargy, and a tight abdomen. Dr. Smithers advised diagnostic testing including bloodwork and radiographs. The bloodwork indicated Winston was in desperate need of a blood transfusion. The radiographs showed an abdominal mass approximately 10 inches wide. His mass was well hidden and appeared to be just “added weight”. Winston needed surgery. Thankfully his owners were willing to do anything to help save Winston. Dr. Smithers performed exploratory surgery with a blood transfusion that night with the help of Carson, Amber, and Dash. Dr. Smithers was able to successfully perform a splenectomy and remove the almost 10 POUND mass attached to Winston’s spleen. Winston did wonderful during surgery and was up wagging his tail as soon as his anesthetic wore off. He stayed in the hospital for a few days then returned home to his loving owners. He came back for a follow up on Friday and he is doing wonderful! The BEST NEWS came while Winston and his family were with us when we got the report back from the lab indicating Winston’s mass was NOT cancerous! Carson delivered the news and there were happy tears and smiles everywhere. The mass was a giant hematoma. Now Winston and his loving family can be worry free! And we are so happy we were able to help these wonderful people and their wonderful pet.